Central Florida PEO Company


What is a PEO Company?

A PEO company is a company that provides employee leasing services, which are essentially a collection of human resources services provided to businesses that aren’t large enough to have their own HR department. Typical services provided by a PEO company include payroll processing, workers’ compensation coverage and claim administration, FICA filing, federal and state unemployment tax filing, and any number of other human resources services.

Is a PEO Company Right for My Company? 

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning a business. If mountains of paperwork are preventing you from focusing on your company’s most important goals, working with a PEO company is an excellent way to reduce your administrative burden.

For companies that are too small to justify hiring full-time HR professionals but large enough that they have a lot of HR responsibilities to attend to, working with a PEO company can be an incredibly beneficial solution. By operating on a large scale, PEO companies are able to take on your business’s full HR workload at a price that is much more affordable than paying full-time employees. This allows small business owners to spend more time on the tasks that will actually grow their company and less time worrying about all of the administrative burdens that go along with having employees.

What are the Benefits of Using a PEO Company? 

Working with a PEO company is something that can offer a lot of helpful benefits to small businesses. In addition to saving you time by taking a variety of responsibilities off of your shoulders and saving you money by eliminating the need to hire a full-time HR professional, working with a PEO company can also ensure the accuracy of any important payroll or tax documents that you are required to file.

At Employer Payroll Solutions, we have years of experience handling a wide variety of HR responsibilities for an equally wide range of companies. This high level of experience allows us to guarantee the timely and accurate submission of files and help our clients avoid any costly penalties due to delays or inaccurate information.

If you would like to free up more time in your daily schedule while also ensuring that your HR responsibilities are completed in the most thorough and efficient way possible, we at Employer Payroll Solutions are able to help. Whether you need the services of a PEO or are just looking to outsource your payroll processing, we’d be happy to discuss how our solutions can solve your payroll woes. 


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