Although Workers’ Compensation can be costly, it is the most comprehensive and valuable coverage available for both your company and your employees. Dollar for dollar, Workers’ Compensation Insurance offers more benefits for an injured employee and more tort protection for employers than any other plan in existence.

Today’s Workers’ Compensation market is not an easy one to navigate for most businesses. Strict eligibility guidelines and costly down payments can seem like high hurdles for any business owner. In addition, annual audits can create the possibility of additional premiums due immediately.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is required by law.

This Co-Employment relationship allows you to focus on your core business while we handle your payroll, workers’ compensation coverage and claim administration, and the filing of FICA, Federal and State Unemployment Taxes.

With an Employee Leasing Program from Employer Payroll Solutions, Inc. the most profound benefits are:

  • No more audits
  • No more down payments
  • No more shopping for new carriers every year

Your Workers’ Compensation premiums are paid as you incur them based on actual payroll, not estimates. And, they are included in your regularly scheduled payroll invoice.

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