Employee Leasing

The Employee Leasing Concept was first introduced in the early 1970’s and has since grown into a widely recognized industry that operates in all 50 states and covers 2-3 million workers.

Employee Leasing Companies are essentially human resource specialists, employing highly efficient payroll systems, tax specialists, risk managers, and a master workers’ compensation policy that extends coverage to each client company through a Co-Employment agreement.

This Co-Employment relationship allows you to focus on your core business while we handle your payroll, workers’ compensation coverage and claim administration, and the filing of FICA, Federal and State Unemployment Taxes.

Some of the services we offer with Employee Leasing

  • Calculating wages and payroll deductions
  • Preparation and delivery of payroll checks
  • Preparation of management informational reports
  • Annual Workers’ Compensation Deposits
  • Annual Workers’ Compensation Audits
  • W-4 Completion and Withholding
  • Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Forms
  • W-2 preparation
  • 941 Form preparation
  • FICA filings
  • Federal and State Unemployment Tax filings
  • Payroll deductions such as child support or alimony
  • Direct Deposit

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